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We offer crewing services for all oil tankers and vessles under our management. Northern Tanker Company knows that all comes down to people to make everything happen. We have therefore world wide contacts and partners to ensure we get the best ship crew you for your oil tanker vessles, no matter where you are located. Captains, seamen, sailors, navigators, machine men, skilled chefs, you name it.

In addition to our ship-management services, we do continuously look for new strategic partners and skilled oil-tanker crew with extensive experience of the demanding work on oil-tankers.

Northern Tanker Company offers flexible ship management services according to your needs, antyhing from managing one oil tanker or vessle to total turn-key ship-management solutions including crewing services. Call Us today!

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Ship Crew - Opportunites at NTC

If you are willing to work on oil tanker vessels and have experience of doing so? We do look for both long term and short term ship crew for vessels on contract basis.Please send you CV and recommendation letter in .doc or .pdf format to us. Please provide your full details, and contact information. At NTC you will be part of a growing international team. We require that you in addition to a proven track record have a positive mindset and that you are a self-starter. Join our ship crew!

Ship Crewing Services
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